Our care Options
Every tiny detail of every home care service we offer is tailored to suit your needs.
You decide on the level of care and support you need, for as long as you want it.

Serendip Home Care supplies a range of home care services to meet the needs of individuals.
Home care can be arranged on an hourly, daily or weekly basis for a single visit or full-time live-in care.

Care decisions can often be made in a rush or in an emergency, it can be an overwhelming experience for the families and their loved ones.
We offer free home care assessment to plan your care options for you.

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Its very simple, you can choose either one or all of the following care packages
depending on the level of care you require.
Companionship & Welfare Check
Companionship & Welfare Check
Loneliness can have serious effects on a person’s health. Serendip home care aims to prevent loneliness through companionship care. It may be that you'd like to ensure your loved one is safe and you'd like to arrange a welfare check, or it could be that you need someone to pop in to remind you to take your medication or accompany you to walk your dog. Serendip home care understands that having a carer visit you everyday is not always about helping you to get up in the morning and assist you with day to day chores and that sometimes its about needing someone to talk to you or some company. We understand the importance of our clients emotional needs and our carers always look to forge strong bonds with those they are caring for.
Personal Care & Home Help
Personal Care & Home Help
Serendip carers can help with a range of tasks, such as; help with getting up in the mornings, assistance with a shower, bath or wash, meal preparation, domestic duties, laundry services, shopping services, outings/transportation, assistance with getting into bed and live in service. All home care options include liaison with seeking support from health professionals such as, GP's, social workers and nurses. Serendip carers will also help you contact family and friends.
Respite Care
Respite Care
We can help you if you need a short break for a week or two after a hospital stay or if you are a family carer who would like to take break from looking after your love one.
Care Taxi
Care Taxi
When you are in need of assisted transport to get to an event on time, do your shopping, or visit friends, you may not want to depend on a family member or friend. If you want to remain independent, our Care Taxi service offers a chauffeur driven experienced from a vetted and trained care companion. Visit Care Taxi to find out more.
Care Taxi
Cost of Care
When it comes to paying for care, it’s best to plan ahead. Working out how you’ll cover any care costs can help give you peace of mind about the future.

Serendip offers various possibilities to care packages, starting with as little as one visit a week to 24 hour care.
Fee’s will depend on the care package you choose and require.

For more details on planning your are and cost please visit https://www.payingforcare.org/

We’re here to help…
Here at Serendip we understand the important nature of decisions that affect you or a family members.
It’s not easy for any family.

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Even if you feel like you or a loved one may not even need care we may still be able to give you a little bit of help and guidance.

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