Privacy Policy

Right to Privacy

All our Clients have the right to privacy and be free from public attention or intrusion in to their private affairs. Serendip Care will pass on no information of any kind to any 3rd parties.

Clients Personal Affairs

Serendip Staff will not discuss with anyone outside the Serendip organisation any aspect of our Clients affairs, health, or other personal information. With the exception where our Client might be at risk if we did not communicate with other health professionals such as District Health Care workers, GP’s, Social Services.

Individual Choices

Serendip recognises the fact that Clients individual choices on religion, sex and political persuasion is theirs and Serendip will not counter these choices or discuss them with anyone else.

Personal Data

  • All paper and computer records regarding our Clients are kept under strict control and are not authorised to be seen by anyone outside the organisation unless we are ordered to provide details by a UK Court of Law or if it is to assist with a Police investigation.
  • All paper records, other than those that are kept at our Clients home or with the Carer are kept in a locked building in locked steel filing cabinets and disposal will be via shredding.
  • All Computer records can only be accessed through Password controlled computers, which are controlled by one computer administrator
  • All care records are kept for 8 years as required by the UK court of law


The level of familiarity is under our Clients control; however, Clients are encouraged to speak to Serendip management at any time where they feel their Carer is becoming over familiar.

Emotional Difficulties

Serendip recognises the fact that some Clients might have disabilities, Illnesses and other conditions that might be emotionally difficult to deal with outside their normal family and friends. Although this will be discussed during the initial Client Assessment, it is quite possible some of our Clients may feel, on times, more self-conscious of their limitations.

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